Sourcing Specialist Cars to Buy and Sell in and Out of Your Own Area

Outlined, you buy your chosen car and sell globally through the net.  These sales are centered around specialist up market low mileage very original or really tip top well restored cars.  These type of cars need to be researched  thoroughly prior to buying.  The point of this is originality, especially with specialist classic cars.

This method can produce large profits, but the cars are much harder to locate, will be further a field and will take longer to sell.  You will be buying and selling from a very limited market.

Also remember that invariably it will mean possibly tying up large amounts of money for several weeks, or even months until the car is sold.  However, with the right car you can earn thousands out of this technique.

Sourcing these types of cars will involve primarily the use of the internet as that is where these vehicles will generally be advertised, but check out your local papers, specialist car auctions and try advertising for them.

The largest profit I earned was nearly $30,000 from one vehicle, but this was all I sold in one year as it took nearly a twelve months to sell and I had all my money laid out in the vehicle.

Freshly launched new specialist cars always attract a lot of attention, and wisely bought, it is possible to make a killing with such a car.

If you do decide to try for a new car it is a question of researching the market and evaluating certain planned models which are scheduled for launch sometime in the near future.

Once you have decided on the car, place an order, pay a deposit and cross your fingers.  Ferraris and Porsche are good examples of the type of vehicle to buy.

The longer the waiting list the better because some people really hate waiting and they have the money to pay a substantial premium over the new price just to have it immediately.

A few years ago I bought a Ferrari, just paid the deposit and managed to sell it with a nice profit before I took delivery of the car.   I advertised it a couple of weeks before the delivery date was due and the ad was amongst the first (not the first) for that particular model.

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