This web site, HowtoBuyandSellCars.com was established in 2010 to assist those looking to buy or sell used cars. The web site is aimed at all ages and groups, private and trade. The information will work anywhere, it is not focussed on one country or region.

People ask me why I have given so much information in this web site so anyone can use it.
Why not keep it to myself?

“Steve”, they say, “you are nuts giving out this advice for free.”
All I know is that had the information been available to me when I started out that I would not have made as many mistakes in how I went about dealing in cars.

With trial and error, working entirely on my own, I learned my way, making losses, making profits, slowly clawing my way through to making a comfortable income, which I still carry on with, even though I’ve been semi retired for a number of years.

My biggest mistake was giving up my day job and solely having to rely on car trading. Having to find the right cars to sell for profit meant that I took too many risks with unknown poorly researched vehicles which developed into many slim profits and several losses.

Keep your day job, start small, try not to rely on the car sales, just do it as a hobby to start, then after a while look at the figures and ask yourself am I making sufficient money to do this full time?

From the outset, you must contact an accountant to discuss tax liabilities, no matter how small your business venture. Whatever you do, do not leave this for the tax office to contact you.

You too will make mistakes in this venture, it is unavoidable, but hopefully you will learn from these and and you too will go on to making a fortune. Good Luck.

HowtoBuyandSellcars.com is not affiliated to any companies or organisations.
The web site HowtoBuyandSellcars.com offers information and advice only.

It is strongly recommended that you consult a specialist, or someone specialised in the buying and selling of cars before the purchase or sale of any car or vehicle or related products

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  1. Hello steve, how are you doing ? I am making a trip to US soon; to buy salvage cars get them fix, and import them to SA for sales. I would love a help out from you, don’t worry I will equally pay you for your time.

    Drop your ph # on my email.
    AbdulRakim Zayan Al Malik.

  2. Have 2010 four door dodge larime 4 wheel drive 2500; with 6.7 diesel; 173000 miles; navigation; dvd; automatic runs great; looking to sale; what price. Thanks

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