Choosing the Right Car to Buy and Sell

Anyone with a bit of know how, perseverance and initiative can make money from cars.  After real estate a car is the second most expensive investment any individual will ever make.  Whilst buying and selling property can be lucrative, substantial profits can be made from vehicles.

Cars have the great advantage that they can be sold anywhere where there is … Read the rest


Sourcing Specialist Cars to Buy and Sell in and Out of Your Own Area

Outlined, you buy your chosen car and sell globally through the net.  These sales are centered around specialist up market low mileage very original or really tip top well restored cars.  These type of cars need to be researched  thoroughly prior to buying.  The point of this is originality, especially with specialist classic cars.

This method can produce large profits, … Read the rest


How to Buy Salvage Cars

If you have the skills and patience that will be needed to repair a salvage car, then there are considerable savings to be gained over buying one that is undamaged.

A salvage title vehicle could save you a bundle of money, but there are pitfalls which must be avoided, because if you fall into the traps they can lead to … Read the rest


Car Data & Paperwork

Documentation for the car you are considering buying is essential as well as a knowledge of the history and ownership of the car, so you should check it all carefully.

Check that the paper work actually looks and feels real – nowadays photocopies and prints are so easy to look authentic.

If the seller has only had the car a … Read the rest


Summing Up – Choosing the Right Car

blankI cannot emphasize enough the need to completely and thoroughly research absolutely everything on your car choice before selecting the target vehicle which you are going to buy and sell for profit.   And I do mean everything.

Look at market factors, local issues, economies and bare in mind there will be other people doing this, so don’t be surprised if … Read the rest


Test Drive and Evaluation

The test drive of the car you are considering buying is your chance to thoroughly assess every aspect of the car. From how it handles and feels on the road, to making sure all the vehicle equipment is working and functioning correctly.

Before you start on your test drive, ensure that the car is starting with a cold engine ie … Read the rest


Viewing and Checking the Car

As with many things, first impressions are so important when buying used cars. Your check of the car you want to buy should be done on a sliding scale allowing for the age of the car.
The newer and more expensive the car, the more critical you should be.

If you are considering buying an older car then it will … Read the rest


How to Prepare your Car for Sale

A clean car always sells. Don’t put your customer off by showing them a dirty vehicle.

That one customer, may be the one and only person you’ll get to look at your car.

Ensure its presented in tip top condition and you’ll sell.

Here are some pointers on preparing your car ready for selling.

Car Upper Areas

Pay particular attention … Read the rest